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Commercial Property Insurance

Commercial Property Insurance

Property Insurance for Businesses

Commercial Property Insurance, also known as business property insurance, in its broadest form is defined as insurance which provides protection against most risks to commercial property,Property-Insurance both real and personal. Commercial Property Insurance is insurance for businesses to help pay to repair or replace buildings, structure, and contents, which are damaged or destroyed due to fires, storms or other covered causes of loss. Business insurance can also be used to pay to replace lost or stolen property and Business Loss of Income.

Business property insurance coverage protects your company’s physical assets regardless if you own, lease or rent the building in which your business operates. Commercial Property Insurance policies protect all types of business-related properties including: warehouses, offices, and farms.

Commercial Property Insurance is a general term encompassing a variety of individual insurance products like: fire or windstorm insurance; many forms of crime insurance and insurance against other emergencies like flood, structural collapse or water damage. In addition it can be for mobile equipment and include all perils.

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