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Commercial Auto Insurance

Commercial Auto Insurance

Business Vehicle Insurance for your business

Commercial Auto Insurance plays a very important role in the business insurance program. If your business uses a vehicle, owned by an individual or by the business, a Commercial Auto Policy is essential.

The policy will cover Automobile Liability, i.e. damage to the other party, and Comp & Collision, repairs to your own vehicle.

All personal auto policies will exclude coverage for commercial uses of a vehicle. That is why separate Commercial Vehicle Insurance policies are a necessity when a vehicle is used for commercial purposes.

Commercial_AutoBusiness Auto Insurance may cover: collision coverage for both your company vehicles and other vehicles involved in the accident; medical coverage for your employees and other drivers involved in your accident; coverage for both uninsured and under-insured drivers, allowances for rental cars, and general automobile liability similar to those found in personal auto insurance policies. It may also cover what is known as Non-Owned & Hired Auto Liability which covers bodily injury and property damage caused by a vehicle you hire (including rented or borrowed vehicles) or caused by non-owned vehicles (included vehicles owned by employees). This coverage is most useful if employees are sent to perform any sort of company work or errands in their own vehicles.


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