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Boiler and Machinery Insurance

Boiler & Machinery Insurance

Machinery & Boiler Insurance (Equipment Breakdown Insurance)

Boiler & Machinery Insurance (also known as Equipment Breakdown Insurance) refers to a type of Commercial Property Insurance that covers a business’s necessary machines and other Steam-Turbine-Boiler-Insuranceequipment. Boiler and machinery insurance is necessary because commercial property policies exclude explosion of steam boilers and breakdown of machinery. Boiler & Machinery insurance covers any piece of equipment or machinery that is vital to the functioning of your business. Everything from freezers to printing presses, Data Center Servers, CAT Scan & MRI Equipment, can be included in Boiler & Machinery Insurance policies.

Many property or casualty policies only cover damage to your equipment from “external causes” such as a fire, flood or windstorm. Most policies will not cover damage from “internal” causes such as electrical short circuit, faulty wiring or mechanical failure.

Boiler-Machinery-Insurance-Data-CenterEquipment Breakdown Insurance is essential for businesses that operate in the technology or online marketplace. Electronic and computerized equipment are very vulnerable to this type of damage. In fact, any business who operates more than a few computers or other technological equipment should consider equipment breakdown insurance.

Machinery Insurance covers the physical and financial damage that can result from an equipment breakdown. Boiler & Machinery Insurance typically covers direct property loss, loss of income, expedites repairs and more.

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