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Martial Arts Insurance

Martial Arts School Insurance

Do you own or operate a Martial Arts School? If so, Commercial Global Insurance Services of Texas has you covered. We write coverage for all types of martial arts schools, including hard to place disciplines like Escrima, and Cage Fighting.

There is increased enrollment in martial arts schools as the ancient arts have solidly entered mainstream USA. The benefits of such activities are far reaching, from physical fitness, discipline, entertainment, to self defense. But, with the increased enrollment also comes increased risk of injury and accidents.

It is important to protect your school and yet at the same time to accept responsibility for actions which may have contributed to a students injury.

Commercial Global Insurance Services has a wide variety of martial arts insurance packages to meet the need of any martial arts school. It is affordable, and comprehensive. Our trained staff understands the difference between Jeet Kune Do and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu; Thai Boxing and Escrima; Aikido and Tae Kwon Do, and knows how to package your school in the appropriate discipline to give you the most coverage available.

We know the hard work and passion that went into your art. It started with having a dream, building on that dream, the countless hours spent honing your skills, the thrill of the colored belt, the intense feeling of accomplishment at the Black Belt, the tentative step of opening your own school, buying the mats, heavy bags, protective gear, doing the daily math to see if there was enough left over to pay the bills and maybe yourself. Yes, a lot of sweat and work went into building your school.

It’s not all about money. A true martial artist is unusually dedicated to his passion, to the point of obsession. But, there are bills to pay. And, yes, there are also assets to protect, and when a legal claim is brought against you, your school, employees and volunteers, there are legal expenses and liabilities which if not covered, have the capability to wipe away all the years of hard work which went into building your school.

And that’s where insurance comes in play. We offer all sorts of insurance to cover your premises and your operations against most causes of loss. What does that mean? It means if there is a covered loss, your equipment is covered. Similarly, if there is a covered loss, your business loss of income is covered, the furniture and fixtures are covered. It means the space you rented is covered. What else does it mean? It means bodily injury, legal liability to participants, coverage for exhibitions and demonstrations, medical payments to participants and students, professional liability, Abuse and Molestation, Hired and non owned vehicle coverage. It covers negligence, trip and fall claims, you will be defended if you are sued while instructing. These are just a few of the coverages available to help protect a school in the event of a covered loss.

Call us today to prepare a customized package, specific to your gym. Let Commercial Global Insurance be your Risk Management solution for Martial Arts.

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