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Hotel & Motel Insurance

Hotel & Motel Insurance

Affordable | Comprehensive Insurance for Hotels, Resorts, Convention Centers

At Commercial Global / Higginbotham, we offer comprehensive solutions for all lines of Hotel and Motel Insurance.

We are dedicated to earning your trust, and offer a wide variety of hospitality programs through our partner carriers, who want to compete for your business.

Hotels and motels are exposed to daily risks while open to the public.  The very nature of the hospitality and lodging business, exposes them to daily challenges. The primary challenge obviously being to provide a favorable guest experience. Behind the scenes, evolving technology has not only changed the nature of guest expectations, but also the entire cyber security risk profile for guests and guest services.

Technology advancements, such as smart phones connected as digital keys, room lighting controls, temperature controls, and even swapping out electronic wall art with more personal family photographs, at first glance appear to enhance operations and guest experiences. However, with this connected technology comes new risks which could compromise guest safety and privacy concerns.

Cyber risks continue to be the largest vulnerability for not only hotel and motel chains, but for virtually every type of retail operation. We work with our carriers to implement best practice methods to reduce the possibility of data theft. Cyber liability policies help businesses implement security features to reduce the possibility of a cyber data breach, and also prepare appropriate responses in the event of a triggering cyber or privacy breach.

Notwithstanding these newer risks, hotel chains still face other safety hazards, such as slip and falls, food contamination, musculoskeletal issues from repetitive motion work, respiratory, dermal and carcinogenic hazards from chemicals, and others.

Our goal is to be your partner and assist with risk management responsibilities. We assess your business practices upfront to develop customized solutions specific to your needs. The resultant client profile is matched with at least 3 of our partner carriers, who are asked to submit proposals for coverage.

Our pro-active approach to safety and risk mitigation identifies exposures before claims arise. This includes on-site visits and inspections, employee training seminars focused on safety, access to safety consultants, access to food safety specialists, industrial hygiene specialists, and more.  Clients also receive on-going support from industry specialists, publications, access to seminars, to mitigate risk.

Solutions include coverage for Company-owned or Franchised Properties, Luxury Hotels, Boutique Hotels, Conference Centers, Resorts, Private Labeled Properties, Convention Centers.  Coverage can also be included to add for pools, spas, convention centers, golf clubs and golf resorts and more.


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