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Glazier Insurance

Glazier Liability

Insurance for Glass Repair and Replace Companies

Glaziers, or glass works companies, are responsible for the selection and installation of glass for a variety of applications, set in either residential or commercial settings.

In our daily lives, we take glass windows and doors as a given. However, there are certain complexities which often arise in the selection and installation of glass panels. Sound proofing, insulation, natural lighting, protection from the elements, and some very specific end use applications all play a role in the process.

Glazing projects can range from the simple glass replacement to the complex commercial project, consisting of heavy plate glass replacement, set in extruded aluminum frames, and hoisted by a crane to the top of a building.

Product offerings range from glass replacement, storm and hurricane doors, window frames, storm windows, glass wall partitions, mirrors, shower doors & enclosures while materials range from safety glass, tempered glass, laminated glass, plastics, laminates, films and other materials used as glass substitutes.

There are numerous considerations when installing glass products. Weatherproof, i.e, climate control, ensuring the seals remain intact for years to come, ability to live up to intended use expectations, installation challenges, the list can become fairly comprehensive.  This results in a fairly complex Glass Insurance program, also known as Glazier’s Insurance for companies who provide glass replacement and repair services.

Construction projects often take on a different dimension altogether. The work is often of a custom nature, with interactions between architects, builders, owners, and other trades. P&C Insurance for a commercial glass company takes on a totally different dimension than the Commercial Insurance requirements for a primarily residential glass company, and it is important for the insurance company to make that distinction for commercial applications and provide adequate insurance coverage required by General contractors who sub-contract work to glaziers.

Insurance requirements for a glazier are often complex, due to the nature of their work and the potential for Property Loss and Bodily Injury. Important lines of coverage include General Liability, Product Liability, Auto Liability, Property / Inland Marine, Installation Floater, Workers’ Compensation, & Umbrella.

There are special insurance requirements for Auto Glass replacement glaziers, both for  on site and off site installations.

When considering insurance for Glaziers, it is important to work with an agency who takes the time to learn about your business, determine your exposures, and create an insurance program which will take every aspect of your business operation into account.

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