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Commercial Trucking Insurance

Commercial Trucking Insurance

Truck Insurance – Cargo Insurance – Bobtail Insurance – Owner/Operator Insurance

Big Rig InsuranceIf you are a motor carrier, private trucker, or an independent operator, you need to have State and Federal mandated Trucker’s Insurance. We provide comprehensive insurance for:

Operating Authority, where a motor carrier must obtain an interstate operating authority from FHA before the carrier can engage in interstate trucking.

Owner / Operator Trucking, where individuals own their trucks and lease their services (operate) by contract with a trucking company using their own trucks, or haul loads for a number of different companies.

Operating Authority Insurance is essentially Motor Carrier Truck Insurance Coverage. It is a mandatory Liability Insurance coverage which will pay for damages caused to other people and their property. It can include Bodily Injury Insurance and Property Damage Insurance. Additional types of insurance available for Motor Carrier Insurance is Physical Damage Insurance, (also known as Comprehensive and Collision Insurance), Medical Payments Insurance, Uninsured Motorist / Underinsured Motorist Insurance, and Motor Truck Cargo Insurance.

Owner / Operator Insurance is an insurance that owners of tractors and / or trailers purchase to protect their equipment and livelihood. The motor carrier’s liability insurance will offer liability protection to the Owner / Operator while under dispatch. However, the Owner / Operator will be responsible to purchase their own Physical Damage Insurance and Non Trucking Liability Insurance for the time the vehicle is used while not in dispatch.

Non Trucking Liability Insurance is a specific insurance which protects the tractor when it is being operated off dispatch, in a personal capacity, regardless of whether it is pulling a trailer or not. It is usually required by the motor carrier with whom the Owner / Operator has signed a lease agreement, to fill potential gap for non-business use of the equipment and protects the motor carrier’s primary liability policy. It can be viewed as coverage for non-business use. Generally the motor carrier’s insurance will cover from point of dispatch through pickup and delivery and back to point of origin. Personal use between return and next dispatch is covered by Non Trucking Liability Insurance.

Bobtail Insurance  is used to protect an owner/operator after a load has been delivered and the truck is not used as a motor carrier. It covers a tractor traveling without a trailer, regardless of whether or not it is under dispatch or not.

Cargo Insurance is a separate insurance used in the event of a loss of the truck cargo being transferred to their care, custody and control.

Physical Damage Insurance, also known as Comprehensive and Collision Insurance are insurances that will protect your vehicle if it is damaged. Comprehensive Insurance is typically referred to as “other than collision” e.g. if the vehicle is stolen, damaged by flood, fire or animals. Collision covers damage to your vehicle when your vehicle hits or is hit by another vehicle or object.

Medical Payments Insurance is insurance coverage to pay medical bills for you and the occupants of the truck in the event they are hurt in an accident or auto related injury.

Uninsured / UnderInsured Motorist Insurance is insurance which can pay for injuries and damages to you, your passengers, and your vehicle, caused by drivers who don’t have insurance or don’t have enough insurance to cover your injuries and damages.

Hired & Non Owned Auto Liability Insurance covers bodily injury and property damage caused by a vehicle you hire, rent, or borrow, or caused by non-owned cars (essentially vehicles owned by other, i.e. employees etc). This is an often overlooked exposure in any automobile scenario where an employee is performing an errand on behalf of the company and gets involved in an accident.

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