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Cell Tower Insurance

Commercial Insurance for Cell Tower Owners & Operators


Cellular companies have stringent insurance requirements from tower owners and cell operators. Our packages include comprehensive, high quality insurance programs, specific to this industry.

These programs can be customized to meet the requirements of the cell companies, and also protect the owners of the towers against undue risk acceptance. This class of business faces significant scrutiny from carriers, on the General Liability and Workers Compensation coverage. Whether the contractor is constructing towers, performing repairs, replacing or upgrading equipment, or performing routine inspections, carriers view this as a highly hazardous industry.

Insurance for Cell and Electrical TowersCell tower operations is an hazardous industry. Tower climbing, on llast count, has about 13,000 workers. The death rate associated with tower climbing and cell tower maintenance is roughly 11 times that of construction workers. Adding to the complexity for underwriting, are the multiple layers of outsourced sub-contracting associated with this industry.

The magnitude of losses, have led to severe reinsurance increases. Carriers have responded with more stringent underwriting guidelines, hereby limiting the availability of insurance, and also increased premiums. Carriers have also tightened their product offerings, choosing to add them selectively by endorsements.

This has resulted in many tower operators having inadequate or incorrect coverage. Gaps in coverage often extend to gaps in statutory Work Comp coverage for work performed in different states, including Monopolistic states. Other gaps include Per Project Aggregate versus Per Contract coverage, coverage for Products and Completed Operations, Errors & Omissions Coverage, Action over Exclusion and Additional Insured Limitations, All States Coverage, including Territories and Canada, Commercial Auto and Hired and Non Owned Auto, Care Custody and Control, Builders Risk, and Installation Floater.

At Higginbotham / CGIS our loss control and safety inspectors work for our clients, helping them put documented safety programs in place. Our Day 2 services helps you prevent and minimize loss, putting in place a complete 360-degree risk solution.


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