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Environmental Pollution Insurance

Environmental & Pollution Insurance

No one wants to be responsible for environmental contamination and pollution. Unfortunately, accidents do happen. In order to ensure you’ll be able to cover the costs inevitably involved in cleaning and restoring damages, you’ll want to ensure you’ve got some type of environmental liability insurance.

Environmental policies are designed to provide funding in the event of a spill or contamination that needs clean up. First party coverage provides funding if a spill or chemical contamination occurs in your own facility. Third party coverage provides funding if the contamination is outside of your facility and affects other businesses or public utilities, or if there is a spill during third party transportation.

Some environmental & pollution insurance policies may include:

  • Clean-Up Cost Containment
  • Environmental Liability Insurance
  • Environmental Response & Compensation Insurance
  • Asbestos & Lead Abatement Insurance
  • Contaminated Soil Excavation
  • Hazardous Waste/Spill Response
  • Third Party Liability Claims
  • Industrial Clearing and Tank Clearing Insurance