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Commercial Insurance for Oil & Gas Contractors

Do you own a business providing services for the Oil & Gas industry? There are some unique insurance programs designed for such businesses. Whether your business includes providing services for onshore, offshore, drilling, pipeline, trucking & transportation, well servicing, or manufacturing, there are some very specific risks involved with each of these operations within this industry.

Your agent needs to have the knowledge and expertise to understand your business, assess the realistic risks, explore options and alternatives, and place you in an insurance package best suited for your business.

An example of risks and exposures may be oil & gas pollution if there is an accident, downtime penalties, errors while processing and refining, mechanical breakdowns, transportation risks, environmental exposure and clean up.

Providers of oil field equipment, new or used, face special risks for equipment malfunction and breakdown, liability for loss of use, loss of revenue, failure to perform as advertised or intended, catastrophic loss, downstream product contamination and a host of other potential problems.

Does your current policy address these types of risks and exposures? Not all policies are the same. Every policy has exclusions and endorsements, and only a careful analysis of your business operation and how it corelates with your insurance policy will reveal gaps in coverage. Click below to read more….


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