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Oil and Gas Industry Insurance

Customized Insurance Products for the Oil & Gas Industry

Oil and Gas and Energy Industries have very specific insurance needs. The energy industry includes businesses specializing in: oil and petrochemicals, chemicals, mining, nuclear power generation and utilities, solar and alternative energies and process industries.  Insurance for industries related to Energy is sometimes called "Oil & Gas Industry Insurance or Energy Sector Insurance".

Oil-PipelineOf course, the energy industry is not limited to oil, gas or energy generation companies. It has given birth to a host of various ancillary support and supplier businesses.  Businesses which service pipelines, valves, terminals, pumps, compressors, scaffolding and more, represent a large segment of the energy industry and will have their own contractors insurance requirements. Also included in this category as industries such as specialized coating industries, welding and machine shops, insulation contractors, and excavation specialists.

At Commercial Global Insurance, we are well versed in these affiliated host of Industrial Contactors. Whether it is a petrochemical plant, refurbishing a pipeline valve, servicing an oil field pump, natural gas compressor, instrumentation and electrical contractors, tank cleaning, tank repairs, painting, de-gassing, high pressure cleaning services, or transporting oil field equipment in and out of refineries and petrochemical plants, we have the knowledge and experience to ensure adequate coverage is provided.

Related insurance products may include coverage for: wind turbines, biodiesel and ethanol plants, solar energy systems, hydroelectric power generators and other renewable energy operations.

Insurance Policies for the Energy or Oil & Gas Industries may include:

General Liability Insurance for Oil and Gas Companies


General liability insurance enhanced with customized umbrella policies is very important to the protection of businesses in the energy industry. Oil and Gas liability insurance provides liability coverage for catastrophic events such as explosions, collapses and accidents resulting in personal injury and or death.

Pollution & Environmental Liability Insurance for Energy Companies

oil-storage-tanksPollution and environmental liability insurance is another especially important insurance product for companies servicing the energy industries, where there is a greater inherent risk of liability. In the energy industry the risk of spills is high, with potentially catastrophic damages. The traditional General Liability policy typically excludes coverage for pollution and cleanup, leaving significant exposure in the event of a spill. Variations of the Pollution policy also throw in an element of timing, imposing limits on what is covered and the duration. It takes an insurance professional to assess the risks and negotitate the policy terms and conditions.

Umbrella Insurance for the Energy Industry

Umbrella Policies help cover losses above the underlying limits of other policies such as General Liability, Workers Comp and Commercial Auto. Due to inherently catastrophic nature of the Oil & Gas Industry, these Umbrella Policies muct be crafted in such a manner so as to ensure the insured has coverage in the event of a peril. Commecial Global Insurance has the expertise to assess your operation and help craft a policy for your needs.   


Commercial Global Insurance is a nationwide company

Located in the heart of Deer Park, Texas, we are recognized experts in the oil & gas industry. As such, we are experts at crafting comprehensive insurance policies for companies operating within the Oil & Gas industry. Our goal is to protect our client's assets and shareholder value. Our risk management and loss mitigation services complement our clients on a local, national and international level. We're here to help protect your business.

We can provide insurance for Oil & Gas and Petro Chemical Refineries in Alaska, California, Texas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Colorado, Wyoming, Mississippi, Montana, New Mexico, Pennsylvania, Utah, the Gulf of Mexico, as well as Alberta, Canada. 

Whether your Oil & Gas business is Transportation, Directional Drilling, Fracking, Oil & Gas Contractor, Oil & Gas Operator, Well Logging, Upstream, Downstream, Safety Consulting, or an Oil Field Supply Company providing Drilling and Production equipment, Commercial Global Insurance has the solutions to protect your business.

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