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Oil & Gas Consultants, Process Safety Consultants, Environmental Impact Consultants, Process Engineering Consultants, Risk Based Mechanical Integrity Programs

Safety Consultants, Oil & Gas & Inspection Consultants, Process Engineering Consultants, Environmental Impact Consultants, all provide a vital service to business communities. In today’s litigious society, companies are quick to recognize the tremendous value that outside oil--gas-safety-consultant-engineerconsultants can offer. It is a clear indication by the company to its commitment for safe workplace, corporate governance, ethical standards, environmentally clean footprint. Consultants provide an unbiased examination of internal controls, safety measure, and optimization of Mechanical Integrity Programs. They have years of experience to draw from and make recommendations for safety improvement, internal processing and handling, statistical analysis for failure probability, QA Manuals / Procedures, QA Support, & Record Keeping, Plant Turn Around and Start Up Procedures. It also provides a vehicle for the company to shift a significant liability exposure burden to an outside company. 

A Consultant’s, role is usually restricted to strictly Consulting. They can make recommendations for change, but as a general rule, are not tasked with authority to enforce those changes. That provision remains with the Client. This sometimes leads to an erroneous conclusion that they have very little Professional Liability or General Liability exposure. The reality is recommendations can arguably be construed as opinions of an expert nature, which does lead to a liability exposure. The General Liability policy does have specific exclusions on any coverage for Professional Liability, leaving a significant gap in coverage in the event of a claim that spills over to a Professional exposure.

Environmental-Safety-EngineerAlso, the fact Consultants have virtually unrestricted access to the client’s Petro-Chemical plants, Refineries, Manufacturing Facilities, along with access to potentially sensitive company data, leaves them vulnerable and with a significant amount of liability exposure.

An Insurance Policy which does not take into account the above risks and exposures into account can leave the Consultant without coverage for legal defense and indemnification in the event they are named in a law suit or put on notice for a claim or an incident.

Commercial Global Insurance Service of Texas has the experience to craft commercial policies for Oil & Gas Inspectors & Safety Consultants, Refinery & Chemical Plant Inspectors & Safety Consultants, Environmental Consultants, Quality Assurance & Quality Consultants, and Process Engineering Consultants. We assist start-up consultants in finding appropriate initial coverage, allowing them to add on endorsements as their business develops. 

Policies for Consultants can include General Liability, Professional Liability, Contractors Pollution Liability, Commercial Auto Liability, Commercial Umbrella, Worker’s Compensation Insurance & Commercial Property Insurance.


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